Friends of the Project

Update: 3/12/12

When I decided to try to start this project, I knew it was going to be an exercise in futility.  There was no chance that I’d be able to track down some of the sets, especially those played in the more remote locales (7/25/97 anyone?).

This has proved to be true; however, to date, I have been able to unearth some sets that I thought were certainly lost to time.  In no particular order, I’d like to thank the following people for digging through boxes and closets to unearth CDs, DATs and Cassettes to contribute to the project:

Christian Richart, Steve Hagar, John Waldman, RD Jordan, Brad Foster, Robert Dunbar, Jeff Frank, Mr. Darby, Tommy Tunz, Greg Pattak, Steve Washick, John Cook, Daniel Pennington, Carter Miller, Jim Ballinger, Dan Gale, Dean Grabaski, Gil Galdieri, Jon Pavuk, PB Kelly, George Black, John Zicconi, Dennis Brady, Everett Smith, Jeff Burkhart, Lenny Stubbe…

Hopefully, this list continues to grow.

Also, last but not least, a hearty high-five to Doug, John, 80s and Climax, who I shared many dilapidated hotel rooms, skunked Genesse’s, Maalox bottles and pots of rotini with over on the road for Furthur shows during this time.


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