Well, it’s been a rough couple of days at the Boiler HQ, but it also included a miracle.

The Bad = The external hard drive that I use for active DAT transfers died during a backup. So, basically, I lost about 30-40 shows.  Some are recoverable, some I’ll need to try to get the tapes back from the owners, some are lost forever.

Mostly, it could’ve been worse.  But it still sucks.

However, in the midst of my frantic attempts to try to both remember what was on the drive, and to see if I could fix it, I was able to secure a show that has been eluding me, and the community for almost 20 years.  It’s been my Moby Dick…and I snared that son of a bitch, and it will be posted here on New Years Eve.

I plan on a big 2017…I hope to reimagine the site, and transfer and post a lot more shows.  A lot more.

As always, if you have any DATs that are laying around, that you don’t know what to do with, reach out (thefurthurproject@gmail.com) and I’m happy to transfer them.  As the days and years go by, these things are deteriorating at breakneck speeds, and there’s no use in not sharing the goods since the goods are starting to spoil.

Happy Holidays, and make sure to come back on NYE.


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