New Batch of Missing ’96 Sets

Thanks to a lot of luck, and the generosity of an old school tape trader, we have a potential massive batch of missing sets that could come available shortly.

Without jinxing the delicate transferring of 20 year old tapes, and the quality of the sound on them, I can say that the following have already been transferred, slightly touched up, FLAC’d and tracked, and will certainly be posted next weekend:

– Bruce Hornsby 7/29/96
– John Wesley Harding 7/29/96
– Mickey Hart’s Mystery Box 7/29/96

I plan on spending some more time today searching through antiquated lists to see if we can turn up anything else.

In the meantime, with spring right around the corner, if you have a spare few minutes, take a stroll through those old boxes and bins of cassettes and DATs that you have sitting around and see if you have any of the missing sets!

As always, thanks for stopping by…there’s a large recommittment to this project, and hopefully some of the missing full days will spring up in 2015.


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