Upgrades, Part II

With stacks of DATs lying around, I figured it was time to upgrade the equipment.

So, still using technology that was state of the art in the early 2000’s (probably) the DAT transfer process will now go from a Tascam DA-30mkII deck to an M Audio Microtrack 24/96 recorder, before being tracked and flac’ed.

One of the reasons that there has been a lull in activity here lately was due to the fact that I wanted to use the new equipment going forward. Now that it’s secured, installments should be popping up again shortly.

As always, I’m still interested in providing a home for unwanted DAT tapes.  So, if you’ve got some hanging around, I’m here to transfer and upload them.

Thanks for visiting, more sets soon…


2 thoughts on “Upgrades, Part II

  1. Hi Bill,

    Any chance I can get these sets from you? I was thinking maybe you could send them by wetransfer.com

    Hot Tuna: 7/6/96 – SPAC – Unknown AUD 8/4/96 – Desert Sky Pavilion (Electric Set) – SBD 6/25/98 – Lakewood Amphitheater – Source info coming soon 7/9/98 – Star Lake Amphitheater – AKG 461/398 > SBM-1 > DA-P1 7/11/98 – Alpine Valley Music Center – Neumann KM184s > M-248 > DA-P1

    Jorma Kaukonen & Michael Falzarano 7/19/97 – World Music Theater – Unknown AUD 7/22/97 – Deer Creek Music Center – Unknown AUD



    1. Hey Mick,

      Yes, certainly.

      I may not be able to get to it until tomorrow night though. I’ll send via we transfer.


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