Some New Found Sources

Some new stuff, freshly transferred (should show up for downloading soon):

– Los Lobos 6/26/96 – Nissan Pavilion (Unknown AUD)
– Hot Tuna 6/29/96 – Alpine Valley (SBD)
– Hot Tuna 6/30/96 – World Music Theater (SBD)
– Hot Tuna 7/18/96 – Bonner Amphitheater (SBD)
– Black Crowes 6/30/97 – Montage Mountain (SBD)
– Finale Jam 6/30/97 – Montage Mountain (SBD)
– Bruce Hornsby 7/12/97 – Polaris Amphitheater (SBD)

More on the way…


3 thoughts on “Some New Found Sources

  1. Hi,

    I am very interested to know that you have some Tuna boards. Since Jorma doesn’t approve of making shows available for download, other than official releases, how do you intend to distribute them?



    1. Hey Mick,

      My current plan regarding the ’96 Hot Tuna’s and the ’97 Kaukonen & Falzarano sets are to take a few months and see if I can gather the rest of the missing sets. Once I think I’m about as complete as I can make these tours, then I plan on offering these sets up via a vine of some form or another.

      Luckily, I’ve happened into a heap of the ’96 Tuna sets recently to fill some voids. As time goes on it’s getting harder to a). locate these sets (from old cd/cass/DAT lists) and, b). convince people who return emails to actually set up a B+P/electronic transfer.

      I’ve realized that it’s virtually impossible for me to complete this project, but I’m going to give it a few more years (hopefully) to try to shake out everything I can get.

      Thanks for checking the site out, and if you have any of the missing sets, I could sure use the help.


  2. Bill,

    I have the following Tuna shows that have already been transferred and flac’d. If you want copies, please email so that we can sort it out

    6/20/96 – Lakewood Amphitheater – Atlanta, GA
    – Hot Tuna 2 AUD VERSIONS

    7/3/96 – Pine Knob Music Center – Clarkston, MI
    – Hot Tuna 1 AUD VERSION

    7/7/96 – The Meadows – Hartford, CT
    – Hot Tuna ! SBD VERSION

    7/12/96 – E-Center – Camden, NJ
    – Electric Hot Tuna 1 AUD VERSION

    7/20/96 – Fiddler’s Green Amphitheater – Englewood, CO
    – Hot Tuna 1 SBD VERSION

    7/26/96 – The Gorge – George, WA
    – Electric Hot Tuna 1 AUD and 1 SBD

    7/28/96 – Oregon County Fairgrounds – Veneta, OR
    – Hot Tuna 1 SBD

    7/30/96 – Shoreline Amphitheater – Mountain View, CA
    – Hot Tuna 1 AUD

    8/1/96 – Ventura County Fairgrounds – Ventura, CA
    – Hot Tuna 1 SBD

    8/4/96 – Desert Sky Pavilion – Phoenix, AZ
    – Hot Tuna 1 SBD



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