New Installment: The Other Ones 7/8/98 – Montage Mountain

The Other Ones
Montage Mountain – Scranton, PA

Source: Sennheiser 421’s > D6
Transfer: CASS > Audacity > WAV > FLAC
Taped by Everett Smith
Transferred From Cassette Masters by Bill Graves

Furthur Festival

Disc 1:
1. Hell In A Bucket
2. Scarlet Begonias >
3. Fire on the Mountain
4. Mountains of the Moon
5. New Minglewood Blues
6. Hound//Dog
7. Looks Like Rain
8. Rainbow’s Caddilac

Disc 2:
1. Birdsong >
2. Drums//
3. Drums >
4. Space >
5. The Other One >
6. Wharf Rat >
7. Touch of Grey

Big thanks to Everett for loaning me the master tapes.

Drums is across two tracks due to a tape flip.

This show is part of The Furthur Project –


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