More Friends Added, More Shows To Come

For those of you who like to see who’s contributed time, effort and music, the Friends of the Project list has been updated.

Additionally, a nice slew of here-to-for uncirculated cassette masters from east coast shows will be posted on the site shortly.

Also, a couple of Ratdog sets that seem to have never seen the light of day have, in fact, seen the light of day…have been transferred from DAT, and will be posted here as soon as source and taper information (hopefully) gets ironed out. Got to give credit where it’s due.

There are about 15 sets in the hopper, all tracked, FLAC’ed and ready to roll. Exciting times.

As always, if you think you might have a set or two (or 30) that you can contribute to the Project, let it be known at

Thanks for continuing to stop by.


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