This Week(s) In the Furthur Project

Hello all,

Potentially productive last couple of weeks, but I don’t want to count chickens, etc., etc., etc.

Below are the sets that have appeared over the last couple of weeks.  The “Sources” sections have been updated to reflect these changes.  Also, I’ve finally added the identities of the “Friends” above, and hope to continue to add names as we enter into another round of seeking out shows.  As always, if you have sets to contribute, whether they’re on Cassette, CD or DAT, let it be known at

Bruce Hornsby 7/3/96 – Pine Knob Music Center
Mickey Hart’s Mystery Box 7/3/96 – Pine Knob Music Center

Black Crowes 6/22/97 – Lakewood Amphitheater
Finale Jam 6/22/97 – Lakewood Amphitheater (with the Black Crowes set)
Mickey Hart’s Planet Drum 7/1/97 – Greatwoods
Black Crowes 7/6/97 – SPAC
Finale Jam 7/6/97 – SPAC (with the Black Crowes set)
Black Crowes 7/11/97 – Hershey Park Pavilion
Mickey Hart’s Planet Drum 7/16/97 – Riverbend Amphitheater
Black Crowes 7/31/97 – Portland Meadows
Finale Jam 7/31/97 – Portland Meadows (with the Black Crowes set)

More to come over the weekend.  Thanks for visiting.


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