This Week In The Furthur Project

In an attempt to both continue to provide and update of new sets and source that have been made available, as well as to force me to continue to update the “Sources” tabs, I’ve decided to do a weekly dump on Sunday’s to serve as a roundup.

Below, you will find the sets, and links, that have been made available this past week.

Los Lobos 6/22/96 – Blockbuster Pavilion
Los Lobos 6/29/96 – Alpine Valley Music Theater
Los Lobos 7/3/96 – Pine Knob Music Center
Mickey Hart’s Planet Drum – Greatwoods
Alvin Youngblood Hart 8/1/96 – Ventura Fairgrounds
Los Lobos 8/1/96 – Ventura Fairgrounds
Ratdog – 8/1/96 – Ventura Fairgrounds

moe. 6/20/97 – Coral Sky Amphitheater
Sherri Jackson 6/20/97 – Coral Sky Amphitheater

There will be more and more sets coming in over the weeks, there is a lot in the queue.

As always, if you have any shows that you can contribute to the Project, let it be known at


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