Reposted: Warren Zevon 7/2/96

The Warren Zevon 7/2/96 show has been reposted:

Warren Zevon
Blossom Music Center
Cuyahoga Falls, OH
Furthur Festival

source: aud > Nak 300 shotguns > WMD-6 > cass x 2
taped from the Taper Section on the lawn by John Bleich

transfer: cass > Nak BX-125E > Creative Extigy > Wavelab > wav (24/96) > flac
downsampled to 16/44.1 and dithered with iZotope Ozone

01 Guns And Money
02 Detox Mansion
03 Don’t Let Us Get Sick
04 Hurry Home Early
05 Werewolves Of London

Thanks to John for lending me his tapes. Unfortunately his masters couldn’t be found but luckily he had made backups

transferred, edited and taped
April 2008

7/31/11 Notes:
– I had these files on my hard drive for years, but the original ffp file was corrupt. This is just a reposting of the original.


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