The Hunt Is On

Today marked the first honest effort in tracking down some of the many gaps in the collection.  I’ve contacted a few people and have the old fingers crossed.

In the meantime, I’m working on pulling together and cleaning up the show from 7/10/96 at the venue formally known as (and still referred to as) Greatwoods in Mansfield, MA.  This was the last of the shows I saw in 1996 and memorable because it was the only one which I had pavilion seats.  I’m also working on getting the 7/17/96 show from Riverport Amphitheater up, the Ratdog and Finale Jam have already been uploaded to the archive, and can be found by clicking on “The Project’s Installments” above.

My best guess is that The Hunt and The Transferring will occur simultaneously.

Wish me luck.

All non-Furthur related transfers will be posted over at the boilerinthebasement site, which is not going to be neglected while I’m trying to complete this project.

More tomorrow…


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