Greetings, Thanks For Stopping By, and Why Are We Here…

My best guess is that if you’re reading this message, you’ve come to this site because either a) you’re someone who follows the activity and downloads the shows that are put up on the boilerinthebasement site, b) you’ve found this address at the end of a text file that has accompanied a Further Festival set that you’ve downloaded, 0r c) you have some level of interest in helping the Furthur Project.

In 1996, I hit the road for the first time and did a short run of Furthur Festival shows.  In 1997, I did the same, but the trip was longer a more enjoyable, and in 1998, you guessed it, same deal (however, the focus of this site is more on ’96 & ’97, the ’98 shows are, for the most part, readily available).  Since this time, I have been tracking down these shows, and it’s been one hell of a task.

So…the goal of this site is two-fold.  First, it’s a location that I hope will eventually get to enough people who may have some old cassettes, cds, DATs or whatnot of these shows kicking around in a box in their basement or in the attic of their parents house who want to help get these shows circulated and will send them in for inclusion in the project.  Second, it will be a place to announce when and where these shows will be made available.

Over the next couple of weeks or so, I’ll come up with a method for posting those sets that we need to complete this project.  One significant caveat to this project…I do not expect it will ever be complete.  These shows took place in a time when tapers were in the gray period between taping on cassette and DAT, and, from what I’ve gathered, many people stopped taping altogether after 1995.

Anyway, this site will be updated often, but if you do have any of the sets from the Furthur Festivals in 1996 or 1997 (regardless of the media…I can transfer anything short of reel to reel) please get in touch.

And, as a welcome to the neighborhood offering, the entire 7/19/97 Furthur Festival show from the World Music Theater in Tinley Park, IL is available via BitTorrent, by clicking here.

Here’s to hoping this works.


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